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It's Time To Act

It’s Time To Act

January 22, 2007Vox Populi

By Elder George

In my last blog I stated that women do not go to college to learn but to BE, which is a manifestation of the ME aspect of the feminine gender. Women reading that blog or hearing me state that they don’t go to school to learn will in all likelihood accuse me of prejudice even though they do not use the word learn when indicating why they go to school.
If I am prejudiced then apparently at least one university has developed the same prejudice. An ad appearing in the subways to attract women to New York University contained a picture of a woman with the caption: MAKING THE MOST OF ME—THAT’S WHY I GO TO NYU. No mention of learning, NYU knows why women go to school; it’s not to learn.
The collapse of the educational system is taking place throughout the Western world as part of its general demise and a verification of this viewpoint came to me in an E-mail from a MND reader in Germany. I have edited certain portions for grammatical and personal reasons.

Dear George,
Let me congratulate to you on your essay “Why women go to
college”. I have read through it with great interest. A few comments are
Your noun-verb-constellation is very indicative for the relation
between men and women. Verb in German means “Taetigkeitswort” which is “word of
How long do we have to wait until women pretend that it was Mary who
led Joseph with little Jesus to Egypt and not the reverse? That it was her to
act, to do, and to decide? Until then, the Bible has already been manipulated.
Just imagine, German Lutherans can now use a “politically correct” Bible with
changed phrases, this is horrible.
Could it not be that women nowadays are
desperate, subconsciously, without even noticing it? They have lots of power,
lots of money, but their way of obscene dressing, of massive make-up etc. seems
to tell not only: “Look at ME”, but even: “Why don’t you look at ME (anymore)?”.
Women attract with appearance, be it their body or university degrees, not with
Little wonder why high schools and universities are full of girls
and they have the highest grades. The contents and the way of teaching, a sort
of superficial gossiping and chatting in combination with shrill didactic
methods, serve them. Nothing for boys. Standards of teaching have changed, the
overall intellectual level has decreased (unadmittedly), girls perform very well
and feminists sell this manipulating stuff as demonstration how competent women
In the last couple of years I have given many lessons, mostly German, to
both boys and girls. They need a different teaching approach; they are not the
same souls. Boys in female dominated classes taught by mostly female teachers
must feel bored or ridiculed.
In Europe, critical and well-elaborated
writings like yours are more or less “banned”, they would not be published.
Countries like Germany have started to introduce “Antidiscrimination laws”. On
radio I heard about a priest sent to jail because he criticized homosexuality
with the words of St. Paul.
Do you know the writings of the Italian Julius
Evola “La rivolta contro il mondo moderno” (1934) (”Revolt against the modern
world”) and of Otto Weininger “Geschlecht und Charakter” (1903)(”Gender and
character”). I recommend both to you for studying.
Please continue to
encourage us with your writings.
I am eager to learn more about your book
coming soon.
Warmest regards

Western civilization is declining everywhere and the above is at least a verification of what is happening in Germany, but we all know that most of Europe is in a similar state of decline. Ethics and morality have been expunged from our justice system and all societal issues are deteriorating. There has been a continual increase in the prison population, membership in street gangs, divorce, adultery, destruction of the environment, unwed motherhood, female depression, drug and substance abuse, and gambling addiction. There has been a continual decrease in academic achievement, professional performance, marriage, societal physical and mental health, and family viability. Societal well-being has been losing on all fronts for the passed 50 years at a rapidly escalating rate. The time for talk and complaint is over; it’s time to act.
To attempt to make changes through the political system is an exercise in futility; the political system has created these conditions. To vote for Senator A instead of Senator B will not change anything; inasmuch as, both Senators A and B are of the same mind. All parties are of the same mind. The mind set governing Western society is feminine and materialistic. In order to bring about positive change we must get ourselves out of this narrow paradigm of mindset and open ourselves up to a more comprehensive thinking.
The change we have to make is similar to the changes that therapists assist in bringing about. The first thing they do is hold the mirror up so that the patient can see himself or herself. Once the person admits to the way they are the second step is to take away all their excuses and bring them to the realization that they are in command of their lives. On a national level we have to face the reality that we caused this mess-no one else did-and we have to start taking the necessary action to bring about change.
That change will not come about through the societal values that spawned our political system and created the decline of our society. Talking about conditions will not change them. That’s the female approach, that’s what noun people do. Verb people-men-make the changes necessary to eliminate the problems that noun people complain about.
The reason so-called men’s organizations have not succeeded is because they attempt to retain the same values that caused these conditions. Feminism is not the enemy; suppressed manhood is. Once we recognize that patriarchy and family are one and that one cannot exist without the other, then we can move forward. This will necessitate incorporating into Western thought the values of other ethnicities, races, and religions.
Western thought has become completely unbalanced; it has come to believe that it can run with the Yin principle only, and it is not working nor can it ever work to the betterment of human kind.
It is not enough to be against that which has caused the problem; it is necessary to offer a positive alternative. I believe that alternative is the patriarchal structure common to the universe.
My website contains a mission statement with specific steps necessary to attain its goals. I ask that you give it your consideration. It’s time to act.

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