Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2013

A Present for St. Nick

On the night before Christmas on floor 32
Tittiefuck was painting her fingernails blue,
All the clients were nestled in mindfucker beds
While visions of bimbohood danced in their heads.
When up on the roof top there came such a clatter
Tittie sprang to her heels to see what was the matter
She giggled and wiggled and climbed up the stair
Proceeded, of course, by her tremendous pair.
The air was quite chilly there on the rooftop
And in response, both of her nipples went ‘pop’.
Parked on the roof was a reindeer-drawn sleigh.
Its driver was dressed in a Christmassy way.
Tittie knew in a moment it must be Saint Nick.
She had seen him before; She had sucked on his dick.
Old Santy Claus knows where the naughty girls are
And BimboTech girls are most naughty by far.
And since the girls fill up their stockings so nice
Santa often comes there; Hell, some nights he comes twice
But this X-mas Santa had someone in tow
An old woman bound with ribbons and a bow.

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