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AOB-the proper way to conclude a meeting?

Part 1

It wasn’t that the firm was sexist or a bunch of misogynist dinosaurs (of a porcine persuasion): she just rubbed them up the wrong way.
Lynda was tall, blond and frighteningly efficient. Perhaps the men felt threatened: perhaps she just rubbed them up the wrong way.
She always dressed well, neatly pressed clothes and tidy hair, though invariably in trousers. Perhaps it was this that annoyed the men in their rather crumpled suits, the result of hurried dressing after a shower and snatched breakfast. Perhaps she just rubbed them up the wrong way.
Colin Meadows, the MD, an exasperated expression on his face turned from watching Lynda’s trouser clothed bottom leaving the room, “I don’t know how I kept my cool with that young woman, Tom, she just infuriates.”
Tom too had been watching Lynda’s rump and been speculating on how it might look unconcealed by the dark grey woollen trousers and panties of an unknown pattern. He wasn’t much interested in the panties, rather the unattainable smooth creamy flesh that lay beneath. “Infinitely desirable and just as infuriating. I don’t know what it is but it does bring out the worst in us.”
The other men around the table were engaged in similar conversations comparing Lynda’s undoubted desirability with her annoying ways. It was always like that, covert glances and barely suppressed irritation.
Lynda was not unaware of the glances but was blissfully unaware of the annoyance she caused. She was concerned about the efficient operation and development of the business and she revelled in her work. She did not see she was a disruptive influence but saw herself as very clearly—there was no contest—the rising star of the firm.
Colin had contemplated taking some action for weeks but this meeting was the last straw. He couldn’t simply fire her—there was no justifiable reason—he could hardly say she didn’t fit in and she upset the men—he would be straight into a discrimination claim and rightly so, no doubt. He had mentioned the problem to his old friend Adrian Brightly and had been quite shocked, but nonetheless intrigued and tempted by the unorthodox solution.

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