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Society steotypes feminists

Society stereotypes feminists


Comedian Margaret Cho once said, “If you’re not a feminist, kill yourself.” That’s a little harsh and I certainly do not advocate suicide, but feminism is not the scary, militant, man-hating institution people seem to think it is. I am a feminist. I wear skirts and lipstick. I am heterosexual. I don’t own combat boots, and I don’t hate men.

Oh boy, that's this special form of argumentation. "Oh really i'm a Nazi, but I know some jews, good jews, and I have a good relationship with them. And overall, I am a nice guy. You see Nazism is not as bad as it seems."

You could create the same example on the basis of communism.

Now try and get over your shock for just a moment.
Not all feminists are, to use the derogatory term that is all too familiar, “butch” lesbians.

This is quite real, but too much feminists are butch lesbians. Isn't it?

It may be hard to believe, but not all feminists are even women.

Oh yeah, feminists may look like women, but they are no women at all. Feminsts are a gender without sex.

Feminism demands gender equality for everyone, not just women.

Interesting opinion. I thought that feminists are like the pigs in animal farm: All people are equal, but some are more equal.

Half of the cake for women, but all the shit for men.

It also recognizes that the unequal power structure forces men into gender roles they likely don’t fit. Gender equality extends past women and men to include transgendered individuals as well. Feminists disagree with forced gender roles for everyone. I’ve been a volunteer at the apolitical Appalachian State University’s Women’s Center since last year.

We have several male volunteers, some of whom are heterosexual and all of whom we love and adore.

These are the good jews, I know.

There is no ray that zaps men when they walk in the door, I promise. “The Vagina Monologues,” playing this week at Appalachian, manage to spark controversy and debate every time it is performed worldwide.

Vagina Monologues - Silly! - Cun Speach I presume.

There go those crazy feminists again, speaking against violence and demanding equality.

Do you know Prokustes? - Ha? He was in old greek a specialist in equalty.

Why is feminism so threatening?

If you are pedophile, you love children, very, very much. And most of the parents are in fear? But why?

I still have no idea. It is no more threatening than any other movement demanding any other type of equality.

Yes, just another movement demanding for equalty. We know such movements from history. So many people had to die, because of equalty. In the end, they were really equal, but dead.

Why then is there such a strong stigma attached to the word “feminist”?A female friend of mine recently said, “I’m so glad I’m not a feminist anymore.” Being absurdly sarcastic, I couldn’t help myself and naturally responded with, “Yeah, I really hate voting.”

You don't have to be a feminist, to be able to vote! - It were the millions of young men, who died in WWI who forced the establishment or Briton to allow the one-man-one-vote-principle, the blood of young, idealistic men, not the suffragettes.

Feminists want the shockingly high rate of violence against women to end.

It would be better to stop the shockingly high rate of violance against men.

They want equal pay and equal representation.

They have equal pay and equal representation. There are more female than male voters. And if these voters don't elect the women candidates, where is the problem?

They enjoy voting.I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Why are women afraid of demanding, or even asking politely, for equality?

Ah, women are afraid of demanding, or even asking politely, ... ???? - Hello, hello, is this earth? - I must be lost in space on a unknown planet, where women are afraid of asking...! Ah, politely, yes they ask, but not politely. The yell and scream an moan.

Still, there is no one “blanket” set of beliefs for all feminists. Some are pro-life, some are socially and politically conservative.

Yes, and some, and this is not the minority, are very, very, unpleasant.

The common thread is that we all want equality and won’t be passive in getting it.

Yes, of course! We all want equaly. For example, I would be glad to be equal with my rich neighbor. I don't want to be equal with my poor neighbor. This is a dilemma.

Of course there are extremists, a kind of woman dubbed a “Femi-nazi” by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.Extremists exist in every category and do an excellent job at making bad names for everyone.Naturally, there are extreme, man-hating feminists. I really dislike those people, and I’m not alone in saying so.

If feminism demands gender equality, how can a true feminist dislike an entire sex?

Why do you ask the reader?

I do not understand it and I do not agree with it. Feminism is also not just about activism. It’s about an individual set of beliefs and a commitment to equality, not about letter writing and protests.

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