Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

Lust - Ariadne von Schirach - Kinder erklären die Welt

„Der Tanz um die Lust“ Sex als Gebet

Sie ist jung, blond und die Enkelin eines Großnazis: Ariadne von Schirach. Sie glaubt, unsere Gesellschaft wird dominiert von Pornographie. Jetzt hat sie der Beziehungsverwirrnis ein Buch gewidmet. Darin schreibt sie vor allem über eines: Sex.

For those having trouble keeping track of all of this, having it all means:
  1. Getting her feminist merit badge while:
  2. Having sex with the most attractive men who are willing to have sex with her.  After a decade or so of this, she:
  3. Marries a nice reliable man who provides the financial support and social status of wife and perhaps mother.  Once she has gotten out of this what she wants, she:
  4. Discovers that she is unhaaapy, and was somehow “trapped in marriage!”  Many women prefer to savor this step for some period of time, perhaps even for many years.  There is power and drama here and the next step contains risk.
  5. Is forced to divorce the bad man who made her unhaaapy by doing everything she demanded he do.
  6. Basks in the drama of a newly divorced woman, wronged by her ex husband and the society which forced her to marry the wrong man.
  7. Has sex with the most attractive men who are (still) willing to have sex with her.  Since this misguided attempt at reliving the glory of her twenties is generally an immense disappointment, she then wants to quickly move on to:
  8. Finds her secret multimilionaire hunky handyman who insists that she marry him, thus returning her to the higher social status of wife.


the wall [thuh wawl] -noun: 1. a large, immovable monolith of frightening and awesome power capable of threshing egos and rending souls, serving as a metaphorical stoppage point at the intersection between a woman’s declining sexual attractiveness and her advancing years, beyond which female sexual desirability disappears into the misty void.
FuturePundit has a post up highlighting a scientific study which concludes, most depressingly, that by age 30 only 12% of a woman’s eggs remain.
Tom Kelsey, a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science at St Andrews, said, “Previous models have looked at the decline in ovarian reserve, but not at the dynamics of ovarian reserve from conception onwards. Our model shows that for 95% of women, by the age of 30 years, only 12% of their maximum ovarian reserve is present, and by the age of 40 years only 3% remains.
 Ich lese im Web nichts von Kindern und auch nichts von Ehemann oder Lebenspartner, so dass man die Autorin wohl nun in die Klasse der Cat-Ladies einordnen muss, alternde Frauen, denen das Wichtigste im Leben einer Frau ab geht: Kinder und Familie. Ihr Leben ist umsonst gelebt.

Grund ist, dass die Männer, die für sie als Lebenspartner/Ehemann in Frage kämen, also Männer mit Status, Intellekt und gutem Aussehen, eine Jungfrau in ihren 20ern heiraten und kein abgenudeltes Partygirl in seinen 30ern. Kennt jemand noch die Geschichte von den klugen und den törichten Jungfrauen?

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